There are a variety of ways to use your eBooklets to build your client base as explained here.

Feedback from Advisors

“I used to be a subscriber to your booklet marketing system Annuity Owner Mistakes. I made a boat load of money using your system and still have numerous clients that I still make money from on the rollovers of those Annuities.”

Andy Kasten

Thanks a million, or should I say thanks a half million

“Hey, just wanted to drop you another positive note from my experience.... Two weeks ago I sent a few booklets out to prospects. I called and got 2 appointments right away. One of them was a couple I had met before but was unable to close.As I sat there with the first prospect and his wife, who I had met before, they continually referred back to the booklet and that I was bringing up some very good points. Now we are going to start to roll that money over into managed accounts because I FINALLY GAINED HIS TRUST. The system allowed me to gain credibility and get the business.

- Gary Sowders

“...The booklet has been a most favorable tool in creating a ‘warm call’ to communicate that an appointment to discuss their wishes for retirement are possible with the right plan set in motion. The ‘chatty conversation’ just flows because they have received a booklet with my introduction information and the generic overview of how their retirement plans could be organized and worked. Peace of Mind comes to the prospect from professional presentations both written and spoken. They feel good about a professional helping them make good solid decisions.”

Sarah McCall-Tyler, CSA

“I just received a 1040 tax return from a woman I had sent an Annuity booklet to. She also sent a letter with it. Here is a part of what she said, ‘Had anyone told me I would be sending a stranger my income tax information, I would have wanted to know what kind of funny cigarettes they were smoking. However, your booklet on ‘Annuity Owner Mistakes’ held my interest enough to do so.’”

T. Treacy, Stony Brook, NY

“The very first lead I received I called and the prospect was receptive to receiving the booklet and I did a $83,000 rollover.”

Paul U., Las Vegas