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Introduction - Personalized Booklets for Instant Credibility

Electronic Booklets enable Advisors to quickly and easily establish credibility with prospective clients.

Prospects buy from people they trust. Prospects buy from professionals with credibility. Use these personalized booklets to separate yourself from salespeople and establish instant credibility.

You create the booklets right from your computer in minutes as a PDF document using our online software.

Our software will personalize the booklet for you with your name, credentials, photo, personal background, company background and information about your products and services.

These booklets instantly establish your credibility and position you as an expert.

When you send the booklet before your call, the prospect is far more likely to have a conversation with you and go to the next step (e.g. meeting) when you offer.

And once created, you can email or print them any time in unlimited quantities as long as you are an active subscriber to the SeniorLeads System.

If you are NOT a subscriber to SeniorLeads (subscribers get access to the booklets at no cost), you can still purchase ebooklets (see samples) and print unlimited quantities for just $229 per year!

Your subscription will be renewed automatically on the anniversary of your registration. You will also get an automated link to offer your ebooklet on your website or anywhere else on the Internet. We handle the ebooklet hosting on our server so you don't have to!

  • Effective—Build credibility with prospective clients.

  • Fast—Email or print and mail the booklets in minutes.

  • Easy—Menu-driven Web-based system.

  • Flexible—Change your photo and personal information any time.

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