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1. How to create your booklets - overview: Click Here for Pop-up Video

2. How to resize your ebooklet photo: Click Here for Pop-up Video

3. How to print your booklets: Click Here for Pop-up Video

4. How to use special symbols in your booklets: Click Here for Pop-up Video

5. How to know which booklet to send: Click Here for Pop-up Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it better to mail or email the eBooklets?
A: We suggest that you do both. Email shows that you're responsive and mail appears even more legitimate. Items received by mail get much more attentions tthan email.

Q: How do I mail them?
A: Simply print them, staple them in the upper left-hand corner, and put them in a large envelope, with a cover letter.

Q: Do I have to print these in color?
A: No, you can print them in black and white on your own Laser Printer. If you want the cover printed in color, save the PDF file of your booklet to a diskette on your A: drive and take the diskette to a computer with a color printer.

Q: Can I customize the content?
A: You can personalize the cover and portion that is about you and your company, but you cannot customize the content of booklet. If you must customize the content, you can download the MS Word files from your SeniorLeads Back Office and modify as you need. But you will neeed to create your own pdf files.

Q: Can you provide a copy of the eBooklet for my compliance department to review?
A: Yes, please click "View Samples" on the menu to the left.

Have a question that was not answered on the list above? Email it to help(at)seniorleads.com.

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