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Offer Your Personalized Booklets ANYWHERE
on the Internet and Get Leads

16 ways to use your booklets to generate new business

Subscribers to seniorleads (www.seniorleads.com) have access to the personalized booklet system.

You may also subscribe independently to get the booklets if you do not have a seniorleads account: https://www.advisorbooklets.com/order.php

These personalized booklets are used in the seniorleads system and can also be used separately in other lead generation and also in branding by offering them to prospects anywhere on the web.

Once you set up your personalized booklet (with your photo, name, background, services, etc.) at advisorbooklets.com, we store these booklets on our server and provide you a link as shown here:


You can use this link anywhere on the web to offer your booklets, such as on your own web site, any other web site, as a banner ad, a text ad � anywhere you can place a link on the Internet. You can get a separate link for each booklet title.

Once you click "get link" from your advisorbooklets.com account, you will get the link as shown here:


If you do not have a web site on which to place the link, you can get a free web page at many sites which also provide the lead capture function. Here is just one of these free sites:


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Sixteen Ways to Use Your Booklets to Generate Business